William (Billy) Attachie

Language: Dane-Zaa (ᑕᓀ ᖚ)
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Home: Doig River First Nation

Years Working Towards Language Revitalization: 30+

William (Billy) Attachie has worked on revitalizing the language for more than 30 years.

He helped linguist Marshall Holdstock to develop the written language from 1960 to the present. Together, they produced many books and videos and translated many of the Elders' stories into English so that today all of us can understand them.

He has helped our Nation by translating videos that document our history for court cases and for learning of our Nation.

He did the translation for a virtual exhibit on Dane Wajich - the website is www.virtualmuseum.ca/exhibitions/Danewajich.

Most of all, he has helped our people to read and write the language.

Nominated by: Doig River First Nation- Madeline Oker