enaksialak̓ala / a'’islak̓ala

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Language Family: Wakashan

Dialects: a'’islak̓ala, enaksialak̓ala

Language known as: Kitimat, Kitlope, Northern Kwakiutl, Haisla

The language that is known as both enaksialak̓ala and a'’islak̓ala and is spoken by the descendants of the Gitamaat and Kitlope bands in the Kitimat area of the northern coast of British Columbia. This language has been called "Haisla" by English speakers and is one of the Wakashan tongues, related closely to Kwak’wala."1

State of the Language

First Nation Population Fluent Speakers Understand or Speak Somewhat Learning Speakers
Kitamaat Village Council416772422181



This dialect has been called: Kitamaat

The population of the village is drawn from a number of older communities, grouped loosely into those near the present site of the Kitamaat Village (Cʼimaucʼa). The families from these older communities that now reside at Kitamaat Village speak the dialect of a'’islak̓ala.5


This dialect has been called: Kitlope

The speakers of the enaksialak̓ala dialect of the Haisla language are from a group of communities along the Gardner Canal, including especially the Kitlope Valley. Accordingly the the enaksialak̓ala dialect is identified with the Kitlope area.5

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