yaqan nuʔkiy (Lower Kootenay)

Language: Ktunaxa
Dialect: Ktunaxa A
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Historically known as: Lower Kootenay Band

Contact Information:
Lower Kootenay Band
830 Simon Rd
Creston, BC
V0B 1G2
ph. (250) 428-4428
fx. (250) 428-7686

yaqan nuʔkiy B (Lower Kootenay Band) have their main community in Creston, BC. The name yaqan nuʔkiy literally means "where the rock stands"1.

Language Information

Fluent Speakers: 4 2
Understand or Speak Somewhat: 44 2
Learning Speakers: 50 2

The yaqan nuʔkiy (Lower Kootenay Band) speaks the Ktunaxa language.

Community Information

Population: 236 2

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