Language Family: Dene (Athabaskan)

Language known as: Nicola

Historical documents and oral histories suggest that Nicola, or ‘Tinneh’ (Teit 1900), a Dene language, was spoken by a group called the Stwixmxw in the area of Nicola Lake until the nineteenth century when intermarriage with Interior Salish groups resulted in a language shift. There are currently no known fluent speakers of the Nicola language (Kinkade et al. 1998). The only know material to have been recorded was published by Boas (1924).

Boas, Franz (1924)

"Vocabulary of an Athapascan Tribe of Nicola Valley, British Columbia,'' International Journal of American Linguistics 3.1.36-38.

State of the Language

This language is currently a sleeping language.