Language Needs Assessment: Kwakiutl Band

Funding Applcation: ALI
Assessment Year: 2014
Language: Kwak̓wala
Dialect: Kwakwala


Kwakiutl Band
Sara Child, Kwakwala/Bakwamkala Language Teacher Education Program Coordinator

This project will serve the following communities:

Kwakiutl Band Council

Community Population

Date of community's recent population poll: 2013, September
Population on reserve: 360
Population off reserve: 420
Total Population: 780
Information Source: membership clerk
This number does not reflect the total number as there are quite a few people who have not yet gone through the process of applying for their status under Bill C 3. In addition. The number of people who live in community and are considered Kwakiutl is not reflected here because of the limitations of the Indian Act and how they define “Status”. In addition the numbers in the INAC poll do not indicate those who are not Kwakiutl but do live on reserve.

Community Language Fluency

Number that speak and understand language fluently 10
Age groups that speak the language fluently (2), (2), (6)

Number that understand and/or speak somewhat 55
Age groups who understand and/or speak somewhat (12), (30), (10), (3)

Number that do not speak or understand the language 715
Number of people learning the language 63
Age groups that are learning the language (11), (16), (5), (6), (13), (6), (6)

Total Number 780