Language Needs Assessment: McLeod Lake Indian Band

Funding Applcation: ALI
Assessment Year: 2011
Language: Tse’khene
Dialect: Tse'khene


McLeod Lake Indian Band
Geraldine Solonas, Elder Program Coordinator

This project will serve the following communities:

McLeod Lake

Community Population

Date of community's recent population poll: 2011, March
Population on reserve: 104
Population off reserve: 371
Total Population: 475
Information Source: personal kowledge & Membership stats for Band population
Our total population cannot match the numbers regarding the fluency level because we currently mainly work with mBand members living on the reserve due to distance. Band membership total is approximately 475. Band membership total and INAC membership total are never consistent as births and deaths take time to process. On reserve population includes 13 who are either non-native or of another nation but their speaking of language is part of this data.

Community Language Fluency

Number that speak and understand language fluently 16
Age groups that speak the language fluently (1), (3), (4), (6), (1), (1)

Number that understand and/or speak somewhat 32
Age groups who understand and/or speak somewhat (2), (14), (11), (5)

Number that do not speak or understand the language 55
Number of people learning the language 1
Age groups that are learning the language (1)

Total Number 103