Language Needs Assessment: Saulteau First Nations' Muskoti Learning Centre

Funding Applcation: ALI
Assessment Year: 2012
Language: ᓀᐦᐃᔭᐍᐏᐣ (Nēhiyawēwin)
Dialect: Northern Plains Cree


Saulteau First Nations' Muskoti Learning Centre
Jerri Lynn Morine, Education Coordinator

This project will serve the following communities:

Saulteau First Nations

Community Population

Date of community's recent population poll: 2010, January
Population on reserve: 303
Population off reserve: 574
Total Population: 877
Information Source: Registered Indian Population by Sex and Residency, January 2010
To give a more acuative picture of the situation we have not included the off reserve numbers and the population on reserve has changed since our last poll. the percentages and numbers for fluency and some knowledge drops when including numbers off reserve and these numbers are also less acuative. All of our numbers are for groups 55+ (Elders), Adults 19-54, Teens, and children under 12. These are spots in this survey we will put the %. Only in the fluency section will the adults be more broken down. we only have 7 fluent speakers under the age of 40 and I believe about at the most 1 under 30. THere are 191 people in the final category (do not speak the language)on Reserve and all the others(off reserve have been added to this group because I would not even venture to estimate the numbers. All the off reserve have been divided up into the first two age groups even though we don't have the actual ages so that this survey could be submitted. Everything for the 303 on reserve is very accurative except the ages are grouped. Ages 55-100 are together, under 44 together.

Community Language Fluency

Number that speak and understand language fluently 68
Age groups that speak the language fluently (11), (14), (43)

Number that understand and/or speak somewhat 44
Age groups who understand and/or speak somewhat (11), (11), (22)

Number that do not speak or understand the language 765
Number of people learning the language 50
Age groups that are learning the language (8), (31), (4), (4), (3)

Total Number 877