Language Needs Assessment: Iskut First Nations

Funding Applcation: BCLI
Assessment Year: 2012
Language: Tāłtān
Dialect: Tahltan


Iskut First Nations
Oscar Dennis, Tahltan Language Revitalization Coordinator

This project will serve the following communities:

Iskut First Nation

Community Population

Date of community's recent population poll: 2011, January
Population on reserve: 380
Population off reserve: 200
Total Population: 580
Information Source: Iskut First Nation

Community Language Fluency

Number that speak and understand language fluently 21
Age groups that speak the language fluently (1), (20)

Number that understand and/or speak somewhat 11
Age groups who understand and/or speak somewhat (11)

Number that do not speak or understand the language 548
Number of people learning the language 5
Age groups that are learning the language (3), (1), (1)

Total Number 580