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Printed Language Maps Now Available!

Printed copies of the First Peoples’ Language Map of British Columbia, a geographic depiction of the First Nations languages of B.C. is an excellent tool for teaching students about the wealth and diversity of the indigenous languages and cultures in this province.

At, you will also find an interactive version of the First Peoples’ Language Map with valuable information and language resources about the First Nations of B.C. and concrete data on the state of their languages, including the numbers of fluent speakers and language students. First Nations communities provide this data through language needs assessments and frequently update their information so that it remains accurate.

While we live in one of the most linguistically diverse regions of the world (with 60% of Canada’s First Nations languages within our borders), every First Nations language in B.C. faces extinction within the next ten years unless more is done to support them.

I hope that this map and its online component will be a valuable educational resource for you and your students, and that it promotes understanding and respect for the First Nations languages and cultures of B.C.

If you would like to purchase additional copies of the map please contact our office for details at (250) 652-5952 or use the order forms at the bottom of this page.

Printed Maps now in stock!

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